What is a French Drain?

A French drain is a trench filled with aggregate, which directs water and the subsoil away from the flood-prone areas of your property. They are usually installed on the edge of buildings.

French Drain

There are a lot of different drainage systems, it can be helpful to know which one is on your property in case any issues need taking care of.

French drains are built to redirect water, therefore when built, they must always be installed at a low point of the property or site. The water will then run into the trench, filled with gravel and then into a pipe located at the bottom of it.

Water then goes through the perforated pipe and onto either the nearest street, a drainage ditch or another area of the property.

Why install a French drain?

French drains are an effective solution for properties that have chronic water drainage problems. Your property may benefit from a French drain if:

  • The soil is soggy, and standing water is often present.
  • The basement floods regularly.
  • Your yard has a retaining wall on a hillside.
  • If installed properly by a qualified engineer, a French drain can last for a property’s lifetime

Other Types of Domestic Drainage

Aco drains or channel drains are also used in similar situations to French drain systems. Each of these have channels with an inlet detail on the surface, which allows water to run down through the grating, and down the length of the channel. This then falls into an underground drain and eventually into the sewage system.

They are considered to be even more durable than French drains and resistant to blockage.

The main benefit of channel or Aco drainage is that they allow the water to flow to a sewer system or another type of disposal. French drains allow water to drain away through the ground and natural drainage channels.

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