As Leaves Fall Down, Drains Fill Up

With the nights drawing in and the mercury dropping in thermometers around the country, many are planning for winter festivities or thinking about getting warmer clothes out of the wardrobe. Another consideration that must be made around this time however, is towards the health of our drains.

Particularly through the autumn period, with leaves falling from trees and wind blowing debris everywhere, drains become vulnerable to the elements, and often suffer blockages and other faults that require the attention of professionals. Taking the time to avoid weather-related drainage issues now could save you from disaster further down the line, but don’t panic if you suffer from blockages – the experts at Express Drainage Solutions are available to provide drain clearances and unblocking services in the event of an emergency.

Avoiding Overflowing Drains

Leaves blocking drainage grate

Falling leaves are the obvious main offenders when it comes to blocked autumn drains. However, their negative impact is strengthened by the wind and rain which can blow leaves into drains and gutters, turning them into mulch that prevents water from flowing away.

This means staying vigilant with sweeping up fallen leaves – particularly if rain is forecast. Get the gardening gloves on and make a few circuits of your property with a strong bin bag, collecting leaves at ground level before (very carefully) getting a ladder out to do the same in the gutters. You can use anything you collect to create compost afterwards, too!

In more extreme circumstances, such as properties with extensive outdoor areas, leaf blowers are a viable option in order to direct fallen leaves away from drains.

Preventative Approach

When it comes to drain health, prevention is better than the cure. In this scenario, that could mean fitting leaf guards or drain covers to all drains, preventing the leaves from gathering while still allowing wastewater to flow.

If you already have a guard fitted, check it for damage that may have occurred over the warmer months – a broken drain cover is as effective as no cover at all in keeping out fallen leaves and other autumnal debris.

Leaf covers can also be applied to guttering and downpipes, preventing blockages here which could lead to water not being diverted away from the side of the home, causing damage to brickwork and potential damp on the internal walls.

Is There Anything Else You Can Do?

Domestic drain inspection

While pre-emptive methods and clearing out surface leaves by hand will help to avoid minor problems, unfortunately it is impossible to stop all drainage issues, and blockages will inevitably occur. In these situations, calling on the services of professional drainage contractors is the best way to ensure that the problem is rectified safely and efficiently, causing no further damage.

Whether through regular maintenance or one-off repairs, experts such as Express Drainage Solutions will work to keep your drains free from leaves throughout the autumn and winter months.



Express Drainage Solutions are one of the leading providers of drain unblocking and clearance services in the South East. Whether as a result of backed-up leaves and other seasonal sludge or something more serious, our experts are on hand to carry out full unblocking using a range of techniques, including high powered drain jetting. for more information, or to request a drain unblocking at your premises, get in touch with Express Drainage Solutions today.

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