How to DIY Unblock Your Toilet Using Household Products 

Coronavirus is affecting our daily lives in multiple ways, and this includes our drains. With more people at home than ever before, toilets are under more strain, particularly with the rise of dangerous toilet roll alternatives leading to an increase in blocked drains. Consequently, this may require homeowners to wise up on their DIY toilet unclogging methods, and in this article, we explore this topic. So, here are some common do’s and don’ts for toilet unblocking. 

Before you begin… Whichever method you choose to unblock a toilet, it’s important to prep the area first to keep things sanitary, safe and hygienic. Lay down newspaper or plastic bags around the toilet bowl in case of spillages, and make sure you have a pair of rubber gloves at the ready. Clean the surrounding area thoroughly after you’ve completed the unblocking process. 

Best DIY Ways to Unblock Your Toilet at Home 

  • Try pulling out by hand

By hand, we mean a rubber glove-encased hand. Depending on the type of blockage and where it is located, sometimes you may simply be able to reach in and unblock it. If the blockage seems to be deeper inside the system, you’re going to need other techniques. 

  • Use a plunger or plunger alternative 

The obvious choice is to work some plunger magic on the blockage – plungers work by forming a vacuum that frees the blockage. If, however, you’re lacking in this piece of equipment, you can create a makeshift plunger using a mop, toilet brush or other implement with a plastic bag tied round the top. Push the plunger in and out of your toilet until the blockage comes free and the water drains away. 

  • Clothes hanger 

If your wardrobe is rattling with spare clothes hangers, they can actually find their calling unblocking your toilet. The bendy, wire variety of coat hangers can be shaped into a curve that will curl into the toilet canal. Like with the plunger, push in and out until the blockage is resolved. 

  • Hot water, baking soda and vinegar 

The contents of the average kitchen cupboard can actually be useful for clearing obstructions in your drains. Boil some hot water and in the meantime, pop a cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar. Once the mixture begins fizzing, you can then pour the hot water down the toilet bowl. It then needs some time to work, ideally overnight, before being flushed away in the morning. 

  • Shampoo or washing up liquid 

If you’re short on baking soda or vinegar, you can use bleach, shampoo or washing up liquid mixed with hot water. The same principle applies, simply leave overnight and flush in the morning. 

  • Prevention is better than the cure 

Everyone knows that preventing a problem and dealing with its root cause is more effective than any cure. Homeowners need to be wary of exactly what they are flushing down drains, and making sure to avoid unsuitable materials and chemicals. With the current coronavirus pandemic, everyone may be getting creative with toilet paper alternatives, such as kitchen roll and wet wipes, but these can lead to a clogged toilet and general drainage woes. Therefore, homeowners need to ensure they are avoiding these alternatives wherever possible – if you have no choice, place in your outside bin instead of down the toilet. 

Suffering a drainage emergency? 

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