Rat Removal from Drains: The Process

We’ve all heard the old adage of there being one rat per person in the UK, or that we’re never more than six feet from a rat.

In reality things aren’t quite that bad. It’s been estimated there are around 12 million rats in the UK. Many are in the rural areas, but a large proportion are in our towns and cities. Nonetheless, the fact there aren’t as many rats as we thought in the UK, is rather cold comfort if you have a rat problem in your house or garden.

rat in drain

Tell-Tale Signs

Chewed paper, food packets, wood, and plastic will alert you to the fact mice or rats are present, but which? With rats being that much bigger than mice, the tell-tale signs of a rat presence are also bigger.

Rat droppings, dark pellets, are the big giveaway. Easily spotted on worktops, and where floor and skirting board meet, they can be up to 10 mm in size, much bigger than mouse droppings. If you find a hole obviously enlarged by gnawing, have a good look at the teeth marks, you should be able to decide if they’re large enough to be a rat’s.

Rats, being nocturnal animals, tend to do their foraging at night. If you hear sounds of scratching or scrabbling under floors, or in walls, it could well point to rats.

Check your Property

Carefully check the outside of the house. Look for holes in brickwork, especially if old pipe-work has been removed and the holes left open. Go into the roof space if you’ve heard sounds above the ceiling. Make sure there’s no excessive daylight coming in, especially around the eaves where a rat could climb the drainpipe and chew its way through the facia board.

If, after having checked everywhere and blocked the smallest holes you can find, you are still hearing noises and finding chewed materials and droppings, then the chances are the rats are entering through the drainage system.

Time to Call in the Experts

Damaged drains are the most common way rats gain entrance to domestic properties. The last manhole on your property before the road is the most likely suspect for a rat getting
into the domestic drains. However, even though you may find how they get in, you also need to know how they get out, into the house.

Calling in a professional drainage company, such as Express Drainage Solutions, is the way to go. We have specialised CCTV equipment, allowing us to check all your hard-to-reach pipework and find where the rat enters and exits the drains.

After Locating the Source

Once the damaged pipe has been located, it will need repairing. Once the repair has been carried out, we then recommend for a Rat blocker to be installed within the drain to be able to prevent rats from entering the drains at any further time.

Express Drainage Solutions are the leading providers of drain inspections and repairs in the South East. Our expert team are on hand to provide a thorough and efficient rodent control service, dealing with all infestations, from rats to insects. Get in touch today to find out more.

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