Take Care Of Your Drains & Pipework This New Year

DrainsIt’s no secret that the cold British winter can have a negative, often disastrous impact on your plumbing, with pipes and outside drains particularly vulnerable.

Winter lasts far longer than just the Christmas period, with cold and potentially freezing weather continuing throughout January and February. So make sure you take measures to protect your plumbing, or you could end up with burst pipes, blocked drains, flooding and a pretty hefty bill!

Tips for Drainage Care to Avoid Disaster

  • Frozen pipes are perhaps the most common plumbing and drainage care problem over the colder months, as the expansion of icy water internally can lead to cracks and faults. Leaving your heating on a low temperature overnight and when out of the house (around 12°C – 15°C) is an effective way of ensuring that water remains flowing through the system and cannot freeze.
  • Insulation can also help in this respect, especially for pipework in roof spaces or attics, protecting from freezing as well as improving efficiency of the system.
  • If water has already frozen within your pipes, use only gentle methods to defrost – such as towels soaked in warm water – as turning on the central heating may cause cracking from internal expansion.
  • In severely cold weather, grease and oil can harden in your drains, leading to blockages and backing up the system. Pouring boiling or hot water down them can often remove light obstructions.
  • Knowing where the stopcock on your plumbing system is located, and ensuring that it remains accessible and in full working order, is vital in the case of an emergency. Turning off the water before it is allowed to flood your house and damage your flooring and possessions will save you thousands in repair costs.
care for your drains

These are all important steps to take towards protecting your pipes and drains this winter, although often problems encountered will be serious enough to require professional help. This is where the experts at Express Drainage Solutions come in. Our expert team provide the best quality drain unblocking and repairs, using high pressure water jetting to clear away any obstructions caused by frozen grease or fallen leaves over winter.

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We even offer 24/7 emergency drain repairs, coming to your aid within 60 minutes locally, which can potentially save you from water damage and escalating repair bills if a problem is not dealt with immediately. Our service even extends to sewer cleaning and repairs – particularly important for commercial and industrial customers. Get in touch today to take better care of your drains!


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