Drain Checks for Homebuyers

More and more homebuyers are recognising the importance of a pre-purchase drain survey. If you’re buying a property, one of the areas that need particular attention is the drainage system. If there is foul smell or a blockage coming from the drains, a surveyor will identify and rectify the problem before it escalates into something much worse.

Drainage issues must be investigated right away. Properties that are located near hills or near lakes usually have underground pipes that collect the excess water from the entire neighbourhood through the easement area. Land easements also take rainwater away from the properties and into the sewage system. This protects your home from flooding and reduces any damages that melting snow or rain cause. To ensure everything is working correctly, here are a few factors for potential buyers to consider when assessing the drains of their new property.

Homebuyers’ Surveys

CCTV drain survey

A CCTV survey is highly essential for inspecting drains. Most people tend to go with the cheaper option of appointing an evaluation expert as recommended by their mortgage lender. However, this person is likely to add disclaimers about anything he or she can’t see or inspect thoroughly, so it’s best to opt for a proper drainage surveyor.

Know your Drains

Due to recent legislation on who is responsible for drains, it’s best to ask the drain surveyor to pinpoint exactly where your drains are situated and their general condition. You don’t want to waste time or money doing major remedial work if a sewage system has backed up into your property.

Illegal Connections

This is your opportunity to make sure your drain system is connected up correctly. Ask the drain surveyor whether it’s recommended to add new appliances and connect them to the drainage system. As an example, some homeowners make the mistake of connecting their washing machines to the wrong sewer and as a result, end up with a foul smell coming into their homes.

Know the Difference Between Surface Water and Smelly Drains

Drains can easily get blocked for different reasons. Tree roots, waste material buildup, and overflow of pipes can all obstruct the flow of a drain. You should never ignore any of these issues, as blocked drains can result in serious and costly damage that could have been prevented. The sooner you identify the problem, the more chance you have of avoiding unpleasant disruptions in the future.


The experts at Express Drainage Solutions carry out full CCTV drain surveys to determine the health and status of a property’s drains. We give homebuyers a detailed assessment of their drainage system, providing a DVD of the findings. Get in touch with Express Drainage Solutions today for more information.

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