Is Your Septic Tank A Hidden Health Hazard? Find Out Here

Consider this: 80% of all infectious disease worldwide is thought to be water related.

From unsafe drinking water to contaminated rivers and natural systems, clean water is an on-going global concern, and the range of diseases that can be contracted is wide and often fatal. Bacterial, viral and parasitic illnesses, including typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, polio and gastroenteritis, can all be transmitted through unclean waste water, and their existence isn’t just limited to the Third World.

Septic Tank Inspection

Beware Of The Bacteria

One of the enduring images of early 19th century London is of open sewers and public health epidemics, something that’s been confined to the past with vast advances in wastewater management in the two centuries since. However, there are still ways in which drinking water and river systems can become contaminated with nitrates and levels of coliform bacteria even today: waste from industry is a big factor; yet badly kept or malfunctioning septic tanks is the one that we have more control over.

Keeping Your Septic Tank Well Maintained

Regular maintenance is the simplest and most effective way to avoid septic tank and cesspit damage, with inspections, systematic pumping and upkeep of the bodywork crucial.

Avoid driving heavy vehicles over underground tanks and cesspools, as the downward pressure may put stress on the infrastructure, while avoiding large plants and trees – especially elm, willow or maple trees – when installing your unit will reduce the risk of penetration from sprawling roots.

Calling on professionals, such as the team at Express Drainage Solutions, is the best way of doing this, as they will be able to carry out extensive CCTV drain surveys to assess the health of your tank before performing any necessary repairs or emptying. In some cases, a full replacement of the septic system will be necessary, and those constructed close to shorelines or rivers may need to be moved to reduce the chance of inadvertent pollution.

Do I Need Septic Tank Maintenance?

If you’re unsure about whether your tank requires repair or maintenance, there are a few indicators you can look out for to assess its health. Firstly, if there is excessive weed or algae growth around the area of the tank, this could mean a leak is possible, as nutrients found in septic tanks and cesspools encourage the development of these plants.

Any unpleasant odours or damp, sodden soil around the tank is an obvious sign of damage, and could signal a potential overflow in the septic system. Attention will be required immediately if this is the case.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to feed a specially designed indicator dye into your tank and waiting to see if local water systems present the same dye over the coming days. These products are available from your local health authority, and may be the most accurate way of signposting a potential fault that other methods may miss.


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