The Positives of Pumps

Drainage pump

A drainage pump, otherwise known as a sump pump, is an exceptionally useful tool for protecting commercial and domestic premises from damage during floods and heavy rainfall.

Having a pump installed to your property can be hugely beneficial, and with the harsh winter weather quickly approaching, now is the time to invest in a pump and reap the benefits.

If you’re unsure on what a pump is, how it functions, and the benefits a pump could offer to you, we’ve got all the information you need here; read on to find out more about the positives of pumps.

What is a drainage pump?

A drainage pump is specially designed to deal with water build-ups, whether from excessive rainwater, a burst dam nearby or from a broken drainpipe leaking water into your property. They are often installed into basements and crawlspaces, if your property has one, or alternatively in specially constructed sump pits. They are used to divert the excess water away from a premises to avoid flood damage.

How does a pump work?

Sump pumps automatically turn on when they detect water presence and begin collecting water from the bottom of the pump. The water is then moved up the pump and out of a discharge pipe that will be installed to dispose of the excess water in a pre-arranged location. To avoid backflow, the pipe is fitted with a check or non-return valve.

Benefits of installing a pump

You might be surprised to learn that a pump offers additional benefits than just diverting flood water. Examples of other benefits of having a pump installed are:

  • Reduced risk of damp or mould developing because the property is no longer cold and damp from excess water.
  • Reduced risk of electrical fires; water damage is a leading cause of electrical fires.
  • Protect your property and belongings from water damage.
  • Less likely to require an insurance claim.
  • Less disruption to day-to-day life

Pump installation and maintenance

Engineer installing drainage sump pump

While it is possible to install a pump yourself, it is certainly not something we would recommend. Pumps require a careful connection to a drain line to ensure that the standing water from your basement is diverted to somewhere appropriate that won’t cause further damage to yours or a nearby property. On top of that, if you don’t have the expertise to install the system correctly, you could break or damage a component and lead to an ineffective system.

Use a professional team who will be capable of carrying out the installation quickly and to a high standard.

When it comes to maintaining your pump, we’d recommend that you check for discharge or debris three or four times year, depending on how often the pump is used, and cleaning it out about once a year.

Who could benefit from a pump?

A pump is hugely beneficial to a whole host of property owners across the country, particularly those who live in the London area who are worried about the high risk of flooding this winter.

Express Drainage Solutions offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week services across the South East. Whether you need a CCTV drain survey, an emergency drain repair or a complete sump pump system installed, we can help. Simply get in contact today to find out more.

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