The Technology That Goes Into CCTV Drain Surveys

These days we see CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras everywhere. Whether part of a property’s security system or catching speeding motorists on our roads, the technology is a key part of a wide variety of industries.

CCTV in the drain

One of the less well-known uses for CCTV is to survey drains. Remote controlled cameras are amongst the latest and most sophisticated tools available when it comes to inspecting drains.

The advantage of having the ability to see what is actually going on in the drain is self-evident: being able to identify the exact problem simplifies and speeds up the reparation process, and these tiny, remotely operated vehicles were carefully designed with the specific aim of drain surveys in mind.

The Eyes

CCTV drainage cameras are often mounted in a way that allows them to swivel on all three axis. The most advanced systems also have a rear pointed camera to facilitate reversing.

Some systems use remotely operated cars, while others use the traditional pushrod system, not unlike those that doctors use for an endoscopy. The cameras on these systems are self-levelling.

The cameras used are chosen for their ability to provide clear images in low or no light environments, and they are water sealed up to IP67 in respect to the locations they are required to operate in. This allows for use in virtually any conditions.

The Brains

The camera is connected to a dedicated portable computer. These devices are also waterproof, and are battery operated to allow for greater convenience and flexibility.

An integrated video recording system is standard. The images can be directly recorded on to SD cards in MPEG or other formats, and presented to customers as evidence for the cause of their drain blockage or damage.

A waterproof keyboard allows the operator to interface with the system.

Push and Pull

Pushrods are used to connect the brain with the eyes. This is not merely a flexible aluminium rod: the pushrod is an IP67 rated cable. This means that external moisture will not be able to penetrate the cable and cause damage or a malfunction.

The cables are also designed to be very strong, and a snapped cable is virtually unheard of.

A Job For The Pros

It is clear from the nature of the technology that CCTV drain surveys are not something that can be carried out by someone with just a keen interest in DIY. Only professional drainage companies, such as Express Drainage Solutions, will have the equipment and expertise required to perform CCTV inspections.

Our experienced team are available to come directly to you, performing the most detailed analysis of your drainage system to determine the fault before providing you with a DVD of the survey for insurance purposes.


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