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Hydro Cutting

  • Cuts through the toughest material e.g concrete
  • New to the UK - state of the art technology
  • Faster and cheaper than alternatives
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Seeking a faster alternative to drain jetting? If you need to quickly unblock concrete from drains to continue the smooth running of your construction project, the current solutions are somewhat slow, laborious, and expensive to complete.

Express Drainage Solutions are pleased to announce our new investment in hydro cutting technology – we are one of the first companies in the UK market to utilise this innovative new technology which is faster, more affordable, and more precise than the jetting alternative. Wherever you are in the UK, we can bring this trailblazing technology to your project.

The pioneering alternative to jetting

During hole boring, major problems can arise when workers accidentally bore into drains – this can result in tons of concrete emptying into the drain, impeding its function and blocking it. At this point, it’s almost impossible to remove the concrete without breaking the drain. To further complicate matters, the blockage may be located under a building or piece of infrastructure, making it a big challenge to reach and rectify.

Concrete gets harder the longer it is left, and this leaves many construction managers wondering: how do you clear concrete from a drain?

The current solution is to use drain jetting, which eventually clears the blockage, but is somewhat time-consuming, costly, and has a higher chance of damaging the drain.

The newest solution now available is ingenious hydro cutting technology, a quicker and cheaper alternative. Operating from a command centre, this piece of technology uses a powerful water beam which cuts through the concrete to break it up for removal, keeping the drainage system intact and operational – and avoiding any further delays to your project.

Precise and self-propelled

Benefits of hydro cut systems include:

 – Time-Effective: Takes a third of the time, or less, to clear the concrete blockage compared to conventional methods.

 – Cost-Effective: Because of the sheer speed of removal, the labour costs are also significantly reduced.

 – High precision: The jet from hydro cutting robots will resolve issues with a high degree of precision that reduces that risk of drain breakage.

 – Cuts Through The Toughest Materials: Hydro cutting tools can blast through concrete, metal, drain liner and more.

 – Available Anywhere in the UK: We offer same day response and travel to you, wherever you’re located in the UK, to ensure you can benefit from this leading technology.

Express Drainage Solutions go the extra mile to design and implement solutions to your drainage issues and needs. Using the latest technology, including hydro cutting technology, we bring innovation and modernity to our work – improving both the quality and efficiency of our services. To discover more visit our Hydro Cutting Website or get in touch with our experts today.

Very helpful, clearly explained what needed doing, all decisions left up to me, would use them again if needed.- a customer in London

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