Your Guide to Different Drain Pipe Materials 

20th December 2019 · Categories: General News.

If you’re wondering what are drainage pipes made of? the truth is, there is no one single pipe material used in drainage systems. Over the years, various materials have been used to construct pipes for different purposes, and for different locations. In this article, we guide you through the key materials that drainage pipes are […]

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Can I Remove Concrete From Drains Myself?

27th November 2019 · Categories: Drainage and Drainage Equipment.

Concrete in drains is a problem that inflicts both homeowners or construction workers. Concrete blockages can either build up over time, or happen very suddenly (usually by accident).  It can be tempting to try a DIY removal of concrete from the drain, but sometimes you can end up doing more harm than good. In this […]

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The Power of Sonar: A High-Tech Way to Map Your Drains

27th November 2019 · Categories: Drainage and Drainage Equipment.

Whether you’re building a conservatory, extending your home or constructing an out-building, you will need to know the exact depth and location of all drains in the construction area. Sonar technology may seem from the realm of 007, but it’s the most reliable way to perform this drain mapping.  CCTV drain surveys are commonly conducted […]

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What is the difference between cesspits, cesspools & septic tanks?

30th October 2019 · Categories: Septic Tanks.

Cesspits, cesspools and septic tanks are alike in construction, and none are connected to the main sewer system, however, unlike septic tanks, cesspools and cesspits do not include a treatment system. This article will explain these differences further so you are well-informed and ready to choose the best option for your location.  What is the […]

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Earth from space

The Environmental Credentials of EDS

10th July 2019 · Categories: Company News.

Here at Express Drainage Solutions, we take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We recognise that our activities can potentially have an impact on the environment, and so we make attempts to understand these impacts, creating plans to effectively mitigate them where possible.    What EDS does for the environment  As one of the world’s […]

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Why Do Cesspits Still Exist?   

30th May 2019 · Categories: General News, Interesting, and Septic Tanks.

  It is estimated that over three million UK households are still using cesspits or septic tanks, opting out of using the standard main sewer system – usually out of necessity. Cesspits may be regarded as a backward or old-fashioned system, but they still have benefits for some homeowners in certain areas of the country. […]

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Clean sink plughole

What happens to water that goes down the drain?

1st April 2019 · Categories: General News.

We often take water for granted – it appears and disappears as easily as turning on a tap. It may also be tempting to wash beauty products, medicine, and other chemicals down the drain too, for an easy disposal – but this approach can be harmful to lakes, rivers and other water bodies.   To […]

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Poor Drainage Decisions Affecting Sea Life

22nd June 2018 · Categories: Drainage and Waste.

We’ve written before about the dangers and issues associated with contaminated drainage and improper usage in the home, but we’re going to look at the wider impact of such problems in this piece. Marine pollution is a widespread and serious issue, affecting all of the world’s marine and sea life with varying degrees of severity. […]

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