New homes, new drainage issues?

26th July 2017 · Categories: Drainage and Flooding.

In the UK, the increasing demand for housing means property developers are not wasting any time in building thousands, if not millions of new homes across the country. From semi-detached homes in new-build estates to sprawling mansions for those with enormous bank accounts, these pristine properties are springing up at a rapid rate. Whether providing […]

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Is the Thames Tideway Super Sewer Futureproof?

22nd April 2017 · Categories: General News and Waste.

London today is one of the world’s leading metropolitan cities, with 8+ million inhabitants, countless multinational companies, as well as being the official residence of the Royal family. However, the city hasn’t always been the slick, efficient operation. In 1858, Parliament considered a move to Oxford because of something known as ‘The Great Stink’. Thanks […]

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2016 – Our Year In Review

6th January 2017 · Categories: Company News.

Here at Express Drainage Solutions, we’re kicking off 2017 by looking back on 2016 and reflecting on the progress our business has made along with the developments we’ve implemented to ensure our company runs successfully and smoothly. Read on to find out about some of our successes and achievements in the past 12 months, and […]

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Should London be worried about increased flooding?

27th September 2016 · Categories: Flooding and Tankers.

Over the past few years, wet weather has caused mass destruction to homes and businesses across the country, with 2014 seeing Greater London and the Home Counties experiencing the highest levels of rainfall in almost a century while last winter, North England experienced severe destruction as a result of flooding. While summer may not seem […]

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Is Brexit Brilliant for Building Works?

25th August 2016 · Categories: Interesting.

Perhaps one of the biggest divisive topics to hit Britain in a long time, the recent EU referendum literally split the country in two, with the final result being 52% in favour of exiting the European Union. The decision both horrified and excited the population, and left a huge question mark over the country’s economic […]

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Does your premises have a big fat drainage problem?

24th June 2016 · Categories: Drainage.

It sounds like a plot for a science fiction film, but lurking beneath the homes of London are colossal-sized beasts which continuously grow in size, some reaching the size of a Boeing 747, and wreaking havoc on thousands of unsuspecting homes. These are not fictitious creatures. Since 2011 more than a quarter of a million […]

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House illustration

Grand Designs but Grim Drainage

12th May 2016 · Categories: Drainage.

Over the last few years, super-basement conversions have become more and more popular. There are double reactions about this kind of renovation with homeowners loving the extra space they provide, while neighbours often find them concerning, disruptive and sometimes dangerous.   These basement conversions are especially popular in London, where space is at a premium, […]

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2015 – Year in Review

4th January 2016 · Categories: Company News.

2015 was certainly a busy year for Express Drainage Solutions, with additions made both to our staff and to our fleet of tankers – not to mention a number of new ventures.   Personnel and Company Updates One of these ventures, the introduction of our specialist Commercial Gas department headed up by Patrick Teeling, covers […]

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Tanker Services to the rescue!

25th August 2015 · Categories: Tankers.

Remember that old adage: ‘out of sight, out of mind?’ Nothing could be more apt when talking about road gullies, drains, or toilets. None of us want to think about what happens to the waste we generate – until the drains start flooding or sinks begin backing up, that is. Specialist Work requires Specialised Vehicles […]

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