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Coronavirus and Drainage - Our Commitment

An update to our customers regarding Coronavirus from John Wilson, Managing Director.

  • EDS remains open and available for all emergency drainage needs
  • Free emergency drainage unblocking for all Londoners over 70, children’s hospices and Blue Light workers. Plus, London NHS sites, staff & healthcare workers
  • Contact-free/contactless drain unblocking and visits to safeguard customers and staff
  • Strict health and safety measures in place, including disposable paper suits worn by staff, PPE gear, face masks, engineers checked for symptoms and sanitised before visits, and mats on floors
  • Emergency drainage for all customers 24/7
  • Rapid 60 minute response time
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Coronavirus and Drainage - Our Commitment

An update to our customers regarding Coronavirus.

John Wilson, Managing Director

Culvert Cleaning

We don’t see them, but culverts play an important role in the transportation of water throughout our neighbourhoods, helping to keep excessive water from causing trouble. Usually situated in high risk flood areas, they transport water under roads and underground. However, much like the drains in our homes and the pipes in our commercial properties, culverts need maintenance in order to keep them running as they should.

Unfortunately, culverts can become blocked from time to time, owing to a buildup of leaves, twigs, branches, mud and silt, as well as rubbish that has been illegally dumped. If not treated, these blockages can lead to a backup of water, which can cause said water to breach the surface and create serious issues for people and buildings around the affected area.

Culvert Inspections

At Express Drainage Solutions, we understand the trouble that can be caused by a blocked culvert, which is why we provide culvert inspection and culvert cleaning services for domestic and commercial customers alike. If you suspect a culvert may be at risk of blockage or damage, get in touch with us today.

We use a wide range of professional technology including CCTV surveying kit, water jetting as well as powerful vacuum tankers to identify & then resolve troublesome culvert issues. Whether on a scheduled basis or in an emergency call out situation, we’re open seven days a week so you can be sure we’re on hand to help.

Very helpful, clearly explained what needed doing, all decisions left up to me, would use them again if needed.- a customer in London

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